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We have been placing top performers since 1954.  Whether we are sending people abroad, repatriating talent, or sourcing from local communities, our reach is global.

Whether you are looking for a permanent or contract position, or you are a consultant looking to partner with Cowan on project oriented missions, we create opportunities for you. Top performers want to be inspired by their work and have an impact on end results. The companies we work with know and understand what it takes to attract and keep top talent.

Our goal is simple. Transform companies around the world from ordinary to extraordinary by connecting the right person(s) with the right opportunity at the right time.

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Jobs Seekers: Is Big Data The Reason You Didn't Get That Job? Human resources is the nucleus of a company, and data-driven decision making is the new messiah. No one can afford a bad hire. Every decision in a company from purchasing office supplies to signing off on a merger is made by an employee. People are the building blocks of all organizations and big data is...

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29 March, 2014