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Above all else, we are consummate professionals.

Our commitment to your privacy

All information we receive from clients and job seekers in relation to a recruitment project will not be inappropriately disclosed  to third parties unless prior approval is obtained.

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All searches are conducted with discretion and urgency, designed to satisfy the client’s expectations and requirements.

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Saowalak Katawong (Kate)

Saowalak has over 6  years of experience working with International and National customers in Service related businesses.

She joined Cowan in July 2014,    Previously she was  an Insurance agent & Wealth Management Planner for 2 years for AIA. and before that a Reservation Manager for a National car company.

 She has a Master’s Degree in General Management from Ramkamheng University in Thailand.

 Her goal is to find the right candidate every time for our clients.