Don’t take our word for how great we think we are. We like to let our clients do the talking.

“I was first contacted by Cowan International for a Finance Director role in Africa. Having no mining experience at the time – I can testify they are not afraid to push a profile when they see there is a fit with their client’s need. They also – and in my experience this is pretty unique for a recruitment firm – follow your career path over time. Every time I went back on the market they had extremely attractive positions. What impressed me the most, I must say, is that at the end of an interview with a GM and HRM of one of the largest international mining groups, the HR said “I am very, very impressed with the quality of the candidates Cowan is sending me. They truly understand our needs. I have been working with Cowan for 20 years.”  April 2012

Last but not least, I believe I have built personal relationships with Cowan personnel. Fred, Edda, you are always welcome when you come to Paris!”

Jerome Astier, Regional Finance Director , Division of Anglo American

“Cowan offers quality and commitment to great service with respect to their ability to place the “right people” into the “right roles”, versus anyone into any role. Cowan stands out from their competitors with the detailed knowledge they have of the African expatriate community – sector specific, commodity specific and individual discipline- and applying that to their assignment to provide the “right fit” for their clients. In short, Cowan’s personnel give honest, frank, responsive feedback. April 2012″

Brett Richards, CEO, Avocet Mining

“My experience with Cowan International has been as a candidate in a few of their international searches. My many dealings with both Jane and Edda have consistently been timely, courteous and professional. They have good mandates, with good corporations in areas and industries where Cowan has sound expertise. I was always provided with a clear picture of the search, the profile of their client, the industry, the location and the ideal candidate sought. Inherent difficulties with timing, the nature of their mandate or my candidacy as such were explained frankly and without the posturing that is too often common. Interviews were thorough, challenging and rigorous to the credit of their client. References were actually called and my candidacy was discussed with them intelligently. Their feedback -good or bad- was timely, to the point and frank, such a rare occurrence with too many executive search firms. I would not hesitate to recommend Cowan for consideration, including, at the first opportunity, to my own organization. March 2012″

Alain R Tremblay, Senior Int'l HR professional, Shanghai, China

“I appreciate very much Cowan’s professionalism, excellent communication skills, the fact that you are really interested in finding the right people for the right job. I am confident that your great work and dedication will give a lot of people the opportunity to get a suitable job from the variety of jobs Cowan advertises and thus enrich lives. April 2012″

Florentina Rebei, CFO at Sodexo, Kazakhstan

“I want to thank Cowan for taking the time to bring relevant opportunities to my attention. Cowan has a very professional and ethical approach. You are not only recruiting individuals to fill a mandate or position, you truly take time to evaluate the best candidate in order to find the perfect match. I had the chance to be invited to visit Cowan at the main office in Hudson, Quebec, Canada by Fred Aronson. was very well received. Fred took the time to explore with me my professional interests and profile to make sure to bring only adequate opportunities to my attention. July 2012″

Kevin Lauzer, Site Services General Foreman

“Cowan international and its workforce are the BEST. Their services are quick and well done. Keep up the good work. April 2012″

John Mudumbi, Lecturer Environmental Management and Geology

“Cowan’s personnel continuously offer the best opportunities to candidates taking into consideration his/her experience, and equally as important, personality. Cowan does not limit itself by the requirements of the role set out by the client, but looks for a “perfect match” with a “win-win-win” state of mind.May 2012″

Rene Bergeron, Finance Manager, Canadian Royalties Inc

“The attention paid to the individual is what stands out for me at Cowan. The main differentiator is the follow-through with other positions. One word says it all- Excellent! March 2012″

Andrew Hercun, Former Senior Project Manager, Vale Goro

“I registered with Cowan in 2007. My resume remained on file and I was contacted about many potential employment opportunities matching my file. But the uniqueness of Cowan shows in their extra efforts when sending holiday and birthday acknowledgements to their clients. Cowan’s service has high standards and their dedication to finding a client that perfect job is exceptional and definitely above the rest. I appreciate that Cowan was proficient, dedicated and did not stop until I was matched with a job that reflected my expectations, requests and requirements. Thereafter they continued to keep in contact to see how I and my family were doing and how things were going in my new employment. My experience with Cowan has been one that I will always remember. Cowan found me the job of my dreams. I now am employed with a professional, reputable company, with a salary to match. This all was made possible through the hard work and dedication of my Cowan representative Lucie Belanger. April 2012″

Lah Dicko, Maintenance Trainer, BIA Belgium & Overseas

“Working with Cowan International is always a pleasure. From their prompt feedback and response, to their courteous and learned staff, Cowan International is always on-the-ball. Understanding client needs and going the extra-mile is what I have come to expect from this very professional organization. July 2012″

Derain Pillay, Business Dev. Manager - Oil, Gas & Powerplant

“I’ve been working with Cowan International for the last five years. In my experience and dealings with Cowan, I found them to always be ready to take up a difficult mining recruitment challenge and push it to completion. I particularly enjoy working with Wayne Gibbons and the South African team. Wayne is the manager for the Africa office and coming from the Africa expatriate mining community he is able to understand the unique challenges at mining operations within Africa. The team in South Africa is friendly, helpful and just a phone call away. As the Regional Recruitment Manager for African Barrick Gold it is important to partner with a specialized company like Cowan, who knows the mining industry and in particular mining in Africa. July 2012″

Ben Swarts, Recruitment Manager - Barrick Africa

“I am grateful to Cowan for their effort and professionalism.  Cowan International is the best recruitment agency I deal with.April 2012″

Daniel Wright, Drill & Blast Superintendent - Gounkoto, West Africa

“We at the Dikulushi Mine, in the DRC, have been working with Cowan International for the past 2 years to recruit quality expatriate employees. We have found Cowan to be professional and efficient and would recommend them to potential clients. April 2012.”

Quintin McLennan, General Manager, Dikulushi, Anvil Mining Congo SARL

“I applied for a job advertised by Cowan International at the end of September 2011. Cowan International is in Montreal, I am in Europe and the job was in Africa. For this reason I never had the opportunity to meet Karoline personally and all communications were done by phone or by e-mail. Karoline was great all the way through the process, she gave me lots of information about the job and the location, but it is her personal touch that I appreciated the most. She was so supportive at every step of the process. Although I was not offered that particular job, she still was superb with me and very supportive. Most recruiters tend to treat candidates like a commodity and if you are not “fashionable” they drop like a piece of dirt. That was not the case with Karoline. Her after service was probably better if it was possible. If you want a personalized service I would highly recommend Karoline at Cowan International. Her colleague Fred was great as well, so my experience at Cowan International was far better than the hundred agencies I contacted during my job search. April 2012″

Philippe Lheureux, Manager Logistics and Warehouse, Colgate in the UAE

“Cowan goes into great detail about the position, the people in the organization and the candidate. Cowan is not afraid to ensure candidate queries are answered and the proper responses are obtained from the organization filling the position. With some agencies, they only look at the employer side. With Cowan, it is almost like a mediation where both parties must be satisfied with the outcome. I would recommend Cowan as a good agency to both candidates and employers. July 2012″

Richard Prouxl, General Manager Finance West Africa, Avocet Mining

“Cowan always offers the highest level of professionalism but with a very personal touch. Cowan knows our business and always aims to find candidates that not only match the technical expertise, but also the personal requirements to be successful. The one thing about Cowan which stands out is the consistency in quality I have experienced to date.July 2012″

Henry Kemp, Talent Manager, First Quantum Mineral

“I have been working with Cowan for approximately one year, and have known Jane Banks for approximately 3 years. Cowan’s service is professional, fast, thorough, and priced very competitively- a great combination. I look forward to continuing to work together in the future. July 2012″

Keith Harris-Lowe, VP Human Resources, Aura Minerals In

“Cowan offers complete hiring services from the beginning i.e. medical, visas, etc. Their pool of excellent expats, fast track recruiting and honesty are what differentiates Cowan from the competition. What I appreciate most are the people and their understanding of offshore life, requirements and follow-up on a case by case basis. May 2012″

Jean Gascon, Supply Chain Manager at Sherritt Ambatovy

“Langer Heinrich Uranium have an excellent relationship with Annelize and the team at Cowan International developed since 2007 , during which time they assisted in the recruitment of International Senior Leadership and Management specialist personnel for the Uranium mining operation.

Cowan International always has taken the time to fully appreciate the culture and values of our company with absolute understanding for the specific talent needs of each position we sought to fill. This has resulted in candidates introduced of high calibre , possessing the absolute required qualifications and expertise to meet Langer Heinrich Uranium expectations.

I highly recommend the Cowan International Team with recruitment talent Placements. July 2012″

Berri Cloete, HR Recruitment and Admin -Langer Heinrich Uranium

“Cowan has performed well for us and so you have a satisfied client. My expectations are that I will be needing people in the future and I look forward to working with Wayne Gibbons on a future project.July 2012″

Peter Keyes, CEO Triton Logging Inc.

“Cowan offers a proactive, professional service with dedicated and well experienced consultants. Service is what differentiates Cowan, and I loved the continuous feedback and follow-ups. What really stood out for me was the effort made to understand the requirements of the position, the culture of the organization and the personality requirements of the job. What I also appreciated was that no job was too difficult. Frank Elie, a true asset to Cowan, assisted me with global placements of quality candidates. I sometimes had ridiculous deadlines, but Frank Elie and his team worked long hours to deliver. He placed a huge emphasis on client satisfaction and building a strong relationship. If there was a position that he could not deliver on, he was upfront and honesty! March 2012″

Kasturi Adari, Formerly Africa Recruitment Manager: Minerals Services for SGS. Currently HRM Employee Services at Anglo American

“I was very pleased with the professionnalism and the services rendered by the Cowan International team. I especially appreciated the quick feedback in every step of my placement with a multinational mining company.”

Pierre Blais, Finance Manager First Quantum Minerals, Haquira Peru