Talent Management

Cowan offers onsite assessment of management and leadership potential as well as cognitive and technical aptitude testing for clients interested in developing the unique talents of each team member.

Good leaders are grown, not planted

Developing people is the greatest investment an organization can make toward increasing performance and retaining top talent. But first a company needs to understand the talent they have on board.

Are you maximizing talent in your organization? Do you have the right skills and competencies in the right roles?

Assessing your current talent pool - separating the ‘A’s from the ‘B’s and ‘C’s – is a critical first step to creating positive change and consistent earnings growth. ‘B’s are critical to operational success.’A's are leaders.

Can you tell ‘A’s and ‘B’s apart? Developing ‘B’s to become ‘A’s is the best way to influence your company’s performance. How do you develop ‘B’s to become ‘A’s? What is your talent management strategy?

Developing talent from within

For people to outperform even their own expectations they need to be in roles that use their talents.  They need to be given the opportunity to make a tangible contribution towards advancing the company’s objectives.

Cowan offers onsite HR Consulting to assess talent within the organization. We help you prepare for future leadership roles, get the right people in the right seats, and identify opportunities for career development and succession planning.  Consulting packages are customized to the clients needs.

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