Whether you’re in South Africa, Central Africa, West Africa or East Africa- we can be where you are in hours, and we speak your language.

Cowan Africa

Cowan laid roots in Africa in 2004, a time of heightened exploration activity in mining. Wayne Gibbons, our main man, worked in West Africa as an expat before joining Cowan. We are proud to say Wayne has been the leader of his experienced and consistently expanding team ever since.

Around Cowan, we often refer to Africa as our homeland, with a long rich history of success that dates back to the 1960′s.  And still today over 45% of our global business is in Africa.

Waynde’s team in Bloemfontein, SA are passionate about finding the right job opportunities for the candidates they represent. No matter if you are an expatriate or national the Cowan MethodTM is the science we use to identify, select and ensure the right fit between the job opportunity and the candidate.

Each one of Cowan’s recruiters are trained and experienced  to succeed at even the most challenging searches. Our centralized network is fed by a global team committed to hunting for, screening, and selecting top performers around the world.

Reach out to us today. It would be our pleasure to discuss your staffing, talent management and organizational assessment needs.