How we do it

Most companies know they need the right people in the right seats, but few know how to do it. We take care of ‘how’ for you.

The Cowan Method TM seeks to understand what makes a company unique. The Cowan Method TM clearly defines outcomes and deliverables for a role as it fits into the greater goals of the organization.

Employee Value Proposition (EVP)

A holistic understanding of the way people at your company work together to produce results. We dig deep to understand why people want to work for you. A strong EVP is what attracts top talent to new opportunities.


Pitching the opportunity. We don’t just make your company stand out from the competition, we package and sell the chance to work for your organization.


We leverage our global network (50+ countries wide,  60 years deep) to seek out ‘best-in-class’ talent to fill your needs. Filling talent pipelines is our passion- we love to meet new and exciting people.


The Cowan Method TM leaves nothing to chance. Skill does not guarantee performance. We identify the people with the will to produce results.  Then we make sure they fit into your company culture.


First, we identify the best match for your company from our talent network.  Then we align shortlisted candidates with the company culture and the expectations for the role using theCowan Method TM. The result is extraordinary.


Our job isn’t done until your new employee’s first day at work. From flights to medicals we’re with you every step of the way.

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