Talent Mindset

“Development can help great people be even better–but if I had
a dollar to spend, I’d spend 70 cents getting the right person in the door.”
— Paul Russell, Director, Leadership and Development, Google

Do you know top talent when you see it?

Having a talent mindset means not short-cutting a good process when you feel the pressure to hire quickly. It means knowing the difference between a person’s skill and what they are willing to do. It’s putting people in their sweet spots.

Your ‘A’ players might be your competitors ‘B’ players.  Why? It’s all about fitting in! When people with similar beliefs come together great things happen. Talent isn’t enough. Your company has a talent mindset when talent feels supported and developed and there is no limit to human ingenuity.

You know you have a great team when people surpass even their own expectations of themselves. Everyone should have the chance to be remarkable. We work hard to connect great people with great companies so that everyone has the opportunity to thrive.

Companies with a talent mindset out-perform their competition. Every time.

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